Kim. 20, Cis Female, Canadian-born, Multi-racial (Malaysian Chinese, English and Scottish), Queer, Student.

Cooking, reading, tea and music > everything.

I'm also into politics and feminism. I'm currently trying to find out more about East and Southeast Asian history.

Well that's me in a nutshell, hope you enjoy your stay :)
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the comment section is a shit show, and david choe is gross

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Apr 2014
Jolin Tsai - The Great Artist
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A Moment of Prayer

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The 1975 have the type of lyrics you want tattooed on your body

mmmsn fhifh mvoifhi,c like chocolate ngdsb

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Wicked Games [Huglife Edit]
by The Weeknd (Cœur de Pirate Cover)
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i love this so much

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have i mentioned recently how i’ve developed a crush on 邓紫棋

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french weed joke:



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The Stunning Landscapes of Rice Field Terrace in Dongchuan, China - Zhang Ningphotography

Rice Field Terraces, China. in Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guizhou provinces; stretched along the Red River, is known world wide for its stunning rice terraces. The area is included in the list of World Heritage Site in China. Untouched by the tourism, the site has preserved its authenticity.

The terraces have been carved by hand by the Hani people about 1000 years ago, in the mountains 1,800 meters above sea level. The water is channeled from the top of the hill, where it is preserved in the forest. The fields are irrigated from November to March, rice are harvested in September.

Apr 2014



An interview of a victim’s parent was uploaded on the 18th of April on various SNS platforms.

The interview video is around 10 minutes long and contains information on the real situation at the site of the accident, where all the parents of the missing Danwon High School students have gathered.

She expressed her frustration and anger on the current situation and revealed that everything that was being broadcast through the news were all lies and exaggerations.

She gave several examples of which news sources were lies, such as the information regarding the fact that divers had entered the ship’s restaurant, where most of the students were reportedly stuck in. She explained that this information was completely false, yet they reported it on live news channels as if it were real.

Furthermore, she also revealed the vans and cars of news reporters and broadcasting channels had been blocking the road, and so divers or rescue operation teams could not pass through, thus delaying the whole operation.

Also, she explained that she was at the scene of the rescue op, and when she asked the divers why they weren’t heading to the site of the accident, they merely answered that they were not allowed to go, because they had not received permission or approval to go. Due to this, parents were outraged and demanded that they go. It was only then that they were granted permission and the divers finally headed towards the site.

She also explained that what delayed the rescue even more was the incorrect information given out on the first day of the accident, in which news sources revealed that all students had been saved and were now moving them to a gymnasium in Jindo. Due to this incorrect report, divers and rescuers were all pulled back and rescue ops were cancelled. Had this false information not been reported, 80% of the students could have actually been saved.

Furthermore, parents of the missing students have been updating their personal Facebooks to spread news of the current situation, however she revealed that all of her posts with true information on it were being deleted just 2 seconds after she uploaded them. Another man at the interview further added that an unknown affiliate was checking their posts and deleting them, based on their opinion on whether this information was acceptable to keep public or not.

However this raised concerns on whether these affiliates really had the right to do this or not, and thus also raised issues on personal privacy.

Even now, the original video of the parent interview has been deleted several times, and copies or re-uploads of the video are slowly being deleted one by one by unknown sources.

As of now, there are several differing opinions on this accident, and many parents have been stepping up and trying to get the truth out to the public.

For now, nobody is sure if what the news is reporting is real, however what the majority of Korean citizens now believe is that the Korean government is inept in handling such crises.

Source: wikitree

Apr 2014


Please do not scroll past this. This is lengthy, but please take care to read it. Our government is lying to us and trying to shut up the efforts of the families of the missing who are trying to tell the truth.

1.There were constant miscommunications and false…

Apr 2014


BBC is putting words into people’s mouths, mistranslating people.

The beginning is pretty close to what he says. But then from 47 seconds in, he actually says:

I don’t know why they’re being like this. I’m just really frustrated. The fact that a country can have no plans for a huge situation like this is really frustrating. It’s frustrating! The only words that come out of my mouth is that I’m frustrated! Please hurry and save the kids, moms and dads that are stuck in the boat. Please! Please!”

But the voice over “translation” is this:

"At the moment it’s unclear whether the kids out there are dead or alive. But I want to believe that they’re still living. The reality is they seemed to have died. The responsibility rests on the government, the coast guard, the navy, all of them. I don’t know how to explain all of this. How can a whole country be so disorganized? It’s frustrating. All i can say is it’s frustrating. I just hope the children, mothers, fathers trapped in that ship can be rescued. Please. Please.”

What is this?? I’m surprised they made the man still audible with the voiceover going on. The acting of the translator is really something too, voicing sadly when clearly this father is angry. He hasn’t lost hope for his daughter or the others yet. Right now these parents can’t even get their voices heard due to police blocking them, let’s not put words they didn’t say into their mouth either. They haven’t lost hope.

Apr 2014
What would you say are the three greatest problems facing modern China?


  1. the introduction of simplified chinese
  2. the british stealing tea from us
  3. anon messages with loaded questions and a clear agenda